How To Find The Right Clothing Materials December 5, 2018 – Posted in: dresses

Choosing the right clothing materials can be tricky sometimes. We might like a material so much that we forget to consider the fact that it might not be right for the style we want to sew. Below are some things to consider before choosing a clothing material.


Consider The Pattern

There are different patterns for different designs. Patterns are very important because they can either enhance your body shape or make you look very unattractive. Some people have body shapes that they are not proud of so they choose certain patterns to make them less obvious. Don’t get carried away by how pretty the pattern is whether it’s a flower pattern or a vertical one. Also, patterns enhance the style of cloth so it shouldn’t be overlooked.


Consider The Texture

There are different clothing materials that go well with different designs. Some styles need thick materials while some will go well with soft and light materials. For example, to sew a style that has drapes, silk or cotton voile are good options because they’re light and delicate. If you want to sew a sweater, wool would be a good option because it’s thick and would keep you warm. There are different textures that go well with different clothing designs. Also, be sure you like the feel of it, to know if it’s scratchy or too stiff.


Consider The Season

The season should be considered when choosing a clothing material because some materials are perfect for winter while some are good for summer. Linen, wool, denim, and flannel are good fabrics for cold weather. Silk, satin, cotton voile, knit, and linen is good for warmer weathers. You certainly won’t say because you like a particular pattern or texture you want to use a wrong clothing material for a particular season. That’s not wise.


Consider The Care Instructions For The Fabric

Now, it’s true that some people are too lazy to give their fabric the right care it needs. These fabrics need specific care routine to make them last longer. If you know you can’t afford a particular detergent for a fabric, don’t buy it till you’re sure you can take care of it. Except you don’t mind throwing it out after ruining it the first time you dry clean it.  If you can’t afford to maintain your fabric, let it go. The maintenance routine for wool is different from linen or silk and this is to make the material last longer.


In addition, don’t rush to buy a fabric because once you’ve purchased it you might not be able to return it. Make your choice carefully and don’t get too carried away by the beauty of the fabric. Also, consider your budget to know if your can afford the clothing material in case there’s an emergency and you need to buy additional fabric.

With these guidelines, you should find it easier choosing the right clothing material to suit your style choice in every aspect.



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