What Occasion Is Right for Different Dresses? December 5, 2018 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Looking great is easy when you know the right things to buy and of course where to get them from. First of all, equip yourself with how to wear what and what kind of events can you wear these dresses to which you will find out from this article. There are different styles of chic dresses and you can honestly rock in any, but the difference between just a fabulous Instagram pic and making everyone’s neck turn is really just how you wear it and where you wear it to, so let us roll out these different occasion and see what dress will be most interesting.

  1. An evening out with the girls: so you got that evening out with the girls coming up this weekend and the weather is perfect, you are excited but you just can’t decide what to wear. Should you wear a maxi dress or a midi dress? Which dress expresses you better? For an evening with the girls, you want to be thinking fun, free and independent, so much feminine energy waiting to be expressed and what does it better than a sequin dress or a midi dress. These dresses say you are not afraid to spread your feminine wings.
  2. A date: a date is always going to be a big deal, whether it’s a casual date to the park or to a fancy restaurant where you are going to be sipping on a glass of champagne at the end of the night, a bodycon dress will be the perfect companion. Bodycon dresses have this confident woman energy that is sophisticated at the same time stunning.
  3. Brunch with his family: It’s the one event that really leaves ladies with an array of dress options laid out on the bed wondering what to wear that will make the family like you. And haven’t ladies been safely sticking to modest dressing for eons now, but modest clothing isn’t going anywhere neither is it boring. But step up your game and let them know that you are a woman that is comfortable with who you are by looking classy in the right type of maxi dress or bodycon dress. And relax, nothing can go wrong when you got the right dress on.
  4. Office dinner: you know how you want to enjoy your night out with colleagues but you do not want to do anything that will make you look silly in front of the entire team, well, the same panic can go into choosing what to wear. Honestly, you can’t go wrong in any of the sequin dresses, midi dresses or bodycon dresses but then for a more formal evening you can go for a classy maxi dress.

In conclusion, getting the right dress to wear is a breeze when you also know where to get them from and you don’t have to wait until the right time just equip your closet with gorgeous affordable dresses from our collection. When it comes to looking chic in a bodycon dress, a maxi dress, a midi dress or a sequin dress, we got you covered at Beaufash.


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