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The retail world has experienced tremendous changes over the years, majority of which is triggered by the internet and the digital revolution. This ease has been transmitted into the fashion sector. So as a fashionista in need of some clothing from your favourite clothing brand, purchasing your desired pieces has never been so easy. Despite this blessing, there are some potholes you should be wary of. In an attempt to exploit the popularity of mega brands like Givenchy, Micheal Kors, Abercrombie and Fitch fraudulent sites have made an appearance and specialize in the sales of counterfeit goods. This article serves as a guide on how to spot a fake online fashion store.

1) If The Price Is Ridiculously Low, That’s A Red Light:

As a frugal fashionista, it’s only normal that you will seek out a discount on your desired object of purchase. However, digging too deep may land you on a fraudulent website. Legitimate online stores hardly offer such huge discounts. So if you find yourself on a sketchy online store with a ridiculous discount as high as seventy five percent. This is most likely a red flag.

2) Check The URL:

If you find yourself confused on the legitimacy of an online store, simply verify by checking the URL. A Legitimate URL should read “https” at the beginning not just ” http”. Https secures the interaction between the website and your browser. An online store that does not have this stated URL is most likely fake. Furthermore the URL should have the prescribed domain name. If for example you desire a Micheal Kors fashion item from an online store, it’s domain name on the URL should state and nothing else.

3) Search Out Mistakes In Spelling And Grammar:

A real online fashion store would have polished and grammatically right sentences. If youre on a website whose SEO seems written by a child. In that it is ridden with grammatical errors, then it is highly likely to be a fake online fashion store. Go through the lines and ensure each sentence makes sense. This would save you a lot of regrets.

4) Look Out For The Reviews:

The reviews almost most often are your best bet when trying to spot a fake online store. If you find yourself doubting a store, numerous search engines are at your disposal. Previous users reviews would set you on the right path, if you should go on with your purchase or cancel.

Summarily e commerce is a tremendous blessing to the fashion industry. However, you can never be too careful when trying to secure yourself against fraudulent stores. The above tips are simple steps to serve as a guide on being secure.

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