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Your choice of clothes act as a reflection of your personality, taste and even morals. Finding the best set of clothes for your career can sometimes be a daunting process. If you work in the office then you will need to suit up and dress up because you will be addressed based on how you are dressed. Do not show up to work looking like you slept in an emergency room or you went to a Rock concert. The right clothes create the best of impressions. Here are some tips that will help when you are shopping for work clothes.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is the first tip. You need to buy clothes that fit and not just fit, you need to buy clothes that fit perfectly. Now the good Lord has blessed each of us with different beautiful bodies. Bodies have shapes, bodies have sizes, it is imperative to go for the clothes that carry your size tag and if you do not know your size, ask the sales personnel to help. Wearing the right size of clothes will make you feel more comfortable, less self conscious and more focused on your work. Imagine having a meeting and everyone can count your heart beat because your shirt is too tight or having your dress blown by the ac vent because it is four sizes larger than you, you don’t want that do you. Go for your size.


You do not need to wear a lot of accessories or makeup before you stand out. A fitted shirt, skirt, trouser and subtle appearance is all you need. Try not to buy too many neon colors and jam them all together at once. Do not over accessorize to avoid office hazards and accidents. A simple wristwatch, necklace and a pair of earrings(for ladies) is enough, your choice of jewelry should not make noise. Shop for jewelries and clothes that will not attract too much attention to you in a bad way.


Bold and rich colors make you look elegant without looking like you are trying to. Darker colors tend to portray misconceptions about people. A bright red shirt paired with something nude will make you stand out in the crowd. Keep it toned down though, you do not need to look like a walking circus. Invest in rich bright colors for work and you will stand out.



This is aimed at the ladies. Indecent dressing in the place of work says a lot about the person. Shop for clothes that are not revealing, too sexy and discard those that are inappropriate. No one wants someone that is indecently dressed working for them. Spanks and panty hoses always come in handy when wearing a skirt, ladies get as much as you need.

Our clothes and general outlook at a glance gives people the first impression about us. The right clothes should be worn at the right places. Work clothes should be the right fit, comfortable, neat, bold, stylish yet conservative.

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